Mental Capacity Ltd update

Mental Capacity Limited has officially been running for just over a year! This has been a highly productive period, that has required advertising, awareness raising, networking and service provisions, alongside practice business practices.  

As a business we have attended conferences for Forum and RCOT, provided a free online training course for a local college, launched several short online programmes through Eventbrite and provided in person training for care home environments.

On top of which we have been providing our ongoing free weekly blogs that cover a wide range of relevant topics. This has included cases studies, case law discussions, rights and protections amongst other areas.

Our assessment provisions have been greatly increasing in frequency and areas of the England being covered in this time. As a professional observation, our top three requests for assessments have been for COP3, LPA and Testimonial.

We continue to review regularly, and have plans to continue our rate of growth and outreach in place.  Please do visit our main website or get in touch to find out more how we can support

Mental Capacity Ltd update

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