Author : Nicky Ryder

Mental Capacity Ltd update

Mental Capacity Limited has officially been running for just over a year! This has been a highly productive period, that has required advertising, awareness raising, networking and service provisions, alongside practice business practices.   As a business we have attended conferences for Forum and RCOT, provided a free online training course for a local college, […]

OT news feature: Promoting Independence through Grading and Adapting

I am proud to share that I have a featured piece with OT news (April, 2022). This piece reflects upon my experience in raising awareness and skills of Grading and Adapting across the Multi Disciplinary Team in practice. This was completed through development of a 2-3 hour training session, that included many practical exercises to […]

Initial Occupational Therapy Programmes for Cognitive Rehab

by Nichola Ryder, January 2022 This guide to initial Cognitive Rehab has been constructed with the aims of providing a range of graded base line outcome measures to explore areas of cognition. They each have options for adaptations if required, but can be further graded and adapted as necessary for each Individual.  The interventions will […]

Initial 9 week Art Therapy Programme   

by Occupational Therapist, Nichola Ryder, January 2022  This programme is to support a progression of reflection, emotional regulation, and expression, in an open positive format to express each individual’s identity and experiences.   Each session should be in a semi-structured format, welcoming attendees and offering drinks (if able). Background music should be available for attendees to […]

What makes for a successful therapy programme? 

Reflecting back upon university, placements, Occupational Therapy Practice and research across the years, I have found that therapy programmes have some key steps to success that have supported development of programmes:  Research and critique: identify relevant research, resources and general information that is relevant to the area you are developing. Use your Professional Rational to […]

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