Mental Capacity business development

Following a lot of intensive work from Dr Mike Ryder and myself, I am proud and excited to share about our Mental Capacity business. Through Dr Mike Ryder’s knowledge of business and technical prowess, we have planned, developed and coming up to the online launch in the coming weeks.

The purpose of our joint venture is centred around building awareness, skills and confidence in the Mental Capacity Act (2005) and it’s subsequent updates within the Health Care industry. This is in order to promote, protect and partner with people assessing as well as the individual being assessed, to safeguard decisions, uphold a person’s voice and ensure that people are working in the individual’s best interest if they are assessed to lack capacity for that specific decision.

In order to build awareness, skills and confidence, we have formed a wonderful website that has a growing range of pages to explain what the Mental Capacity Act (2005) says and how to apply the assessment. It will further have worked examples of some common do’s and don’ts for completing assessments that are looked at within a commentary. Not only this, but further releasing a series of blogs breaking this area down further:

  • How to explain assessments to people who are being assessed
  • Mental Capacity Assessments: where to start?
  • Capacity and consent: why are Mental Capacity Assessments so important
  • Accessibility in a digital age
  • Many more to come

This website is aimed to be launched officially in December, then in the January, we are looking to start offering Training and Consultancy both in person, and online via Teams.

We will keep you updated with further news to come!

Mental Capacity business development

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